Table Booking – Crookes

Use this form to reserve seats and tables for our cabarets at Crookes Social Club. Click here to reserve seats at Ruskin Hall, Walkley.

Card tables (nearer the front) can be reserved for 4-6 people, these have the best view. Larger groups of 7-12 or more, can be seated at the longer tables to the sides or back of the hall.

You can reserve a maximum of 10 tickets per booking. For parties larger than 10 please contact us.

Please note that there are only a limited number of tables, and that they are offered on a first come first served basis. You may have to share a table with another party. Parties over 5 can’t expect to be seated on adjacent tables.

Do not use these forms if you are buying from our site (as you can enter your preference at checkout) – only use this if you have bought tickets from somewhere else.

You must give all your TICKET NUMBERS to confirm your table reservation.

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    Click here to acknowledge that if you do not take your seat by 8:20pm, you will have to wait until the first interval to get seated