Sat Apr 22nd Ruskin Hall

Sat 22nd Apr 2017
Ruskin Hall

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Steve Faulkner

Steve is an expert in close-up magic and sleight-of-hand, creating his own versions of classic tricks as well as plenty you will never have seen before. He’ll confuse his audience with his rubber band handcuffs, and make guests think twice before eating a sandwich. His hands move so fast that no one will know which way is up, and they certainly won’t be ready for his jaw-dropping reveals.

The whole illusionist act is delivered with wit, charm and precision timing – a performance the audience will be talking about for a long time afterwards

George Egg

George Egg: Anarchist Cook

One man, one hour, three courses

If you like food, you'll like this. Internationally acclaimed comedian George Egg is also a rather fanatical self-taught cook with a somewhat anarchic approach to making meals. As obsessed with culinary matters as he is with comedic ones, and finding himself dissatisfied with the quality and cost of takeaways and room-service meals .


SWANK create a gentle and hilarious cartoonesque world Founded by actress and comedian Cathy Peace in 1997, SWANK specialises in imaginative and interactive character comedy street entertainment, often with a nod to Cathy’s roots in the north of England and her love/obsession with 1950s kitsch

BE PREPARED...Val Kean and Babs Eager are delighted to be back at Boom Boom – Come and join the pack,  get your "ging gang goolies" out and you too could win a SWANK Guide badge! a hilarious and joyful pair of fools, they ride roughshod over all things Badon Powell..its a jamboree of  recorder tunes and 'swanking'.

“A riotus romp of  super silliness” Singapore Buskers Festival