Sat 7th May 2016

Sat 7th May 2016
John Hegley

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Les Bubb

Back by popular demand, this original act has influenced a whole generation of comic physical performers. The unforgettable stuck suitcase and balloons, the invisible piano, flying bottle, inflated rubber-glove head…. this rubber-band faced man once described as “a Puppet of God” is a unique phenomenon to be experienced .

Colm O'Grady

Contemporary Circus meets traditional Alpine culture in a splendid display of stupidity. “Yodel” is an absurd comedy where Wolfegang Glochenspiel from leather-Hosen-Land performs his world famous classical music on bicycle horns while riding on a 2 meters high Unicycle.

Rachel Ponsonby

A musical clown, Rachel muddles up high musical talent with down right naive and uncomplicated foolish behaviour. She has performed through out Europe with Zirk Theatre as well as tours with Circus Ronaldo and le Cirque Plume.