Sat 21st Feb 2015

Sat 21st Feb 2015
Ruskin Hall

Acts (click the act for more info)

Raymond and Mr Timpkins

Lightning fast choreography meets uber swift editing in a fantasmagorical collision of quality entertainment. An overload of velvet, sandals and multi-hued wool provides a startling accompaniment, the whole effect being that of a slim man and a fat man putting their bums in your face. If you like music and let’s face it, who doesn’t, you’ll like it. If you like silliness, middle aged men dancing and unsavoury acts, you’ll probably love it.

Sally Miller

Sally Miller... THE Flexi Princess

dancing upside down award winning contortionist bends herself in knots and handstands to die for...

Paul Weatherhead

A one man genre: folk-psych-zom-com songs.

Sings sick songs about differently-abled donkeys, Marxist-Leninist zombies and being buried alive with a ukulele. Inspired by 1960s psychedelia, 1980s video nasties and The Hebden Bridge Times 1842-present day.

Played mandolin and kalyuka with folk punk legends “The Ukrainians”. For 18 years. God help me.

Plays Theremin and stylophone with Hebden Bridge psychedelic band “The Electric Brains”.