Sat 20th Apr 2013, Ruskin Hall, Walkley

Sat 20th Apr 2013
Ruskin Hall

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Reckless Intention

Turbo Jonez searching for the ultimate phat beat. The audience is taken on a musical journey through of the most dangerous and heinous tracks of the 90s, 80s, 70s, 60s, all the way back to Mozart. It’s an endorphin rich soundtrack that assaults, transforms and transports the audience through their memories of tunes that rock. During a rousing, shamanistic Bhangra snake rap, Turbo enters another dimension and ritualistically offers out ‘dangerous’ rubber snakes to audience members. This is just a pre-cursor to ….Your audience will be left stunned and astounded by the aural ride with the one and only, Turbo Jonez and Temple of BOOOOOOOMMMMM!

Wes Zaharuk

Master of mayhem, prop lunatic Wes Zaharuk, takes the audience on a joy-ride of anarchic physical comedy routines and maniacal physical audience interaction. You could call him plain daft, others have compared him to Tommy Cooper on acid but his award-winning eccentric collection of eye-popping prop tricks have earned Wes Zaharuk a world-wide reputation for a tornado-like approach to comedy.

Sally Miller

is one of London and the UK's most talented and experienced professional female handbalance artistes. She is able to perform complex one arm balances as well as extreme flexibility handstands. She has performed all over the world at events, launches, festivals, and shows, plus across the media, appearing on television shows and in magazines.