Sat 18th March Ruskin Hall

Sat 18th Mar 2017
Ruskin Hall

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Earl Okin

Earl Okin is a triple threat…international Jazz/Bossa Nova performer, legendary songwriter and, of-course headline musical comedian.

Unique and unmissable! He’s been dazzling audiences worldwide for years, so if you’ve never seen him live, here is your chance.

“You are quite a genius you are – you have managed to find a niche in Cabaret I have never seen nor heard before – you are simply brilliant. Hard to categorize – musician/comedian or what – I guess you are anything as long as they book you. One must see you in person to “get you” – even though your musicianship is fantastic!!! Your guitar and especially piano playing is thrilling in all the genres!” Buddy Bregman (Legendary producer/arranger of the Ella Fitzgerald ‘Songbook’ series, who has worked with just about everybody..from Sammy Davis Jr. to Bing Crosby, etc).

“Multi-talented musical supremo” Time Out

Johnny Macaulay

"The man of a 1000 Farces".

Johnny Macaulay is a highly experienced and hilarious street artist, actor, circus performer and clown. He performs theatre, cabaret and street shows for adults, families and children, and combines skills of circus, magic and comedy for all kinds of occasions. He is a talented character actor and can create bespoke characters for any occasion. Johnny has been performing in circus, theatre, cabaret and street festivals, internationally for over twenty years. He started as clown with Cirque Archaos (F) and continued with other companies such La fura del Baus (CAT), Elxt90 (CH).  He is presently developing two magic shows with Dans La Poche (F) and La Canard Fou (F

"A marvelous routine, a brilliant magician"-Nicholas Parsons

Ben Cornish

Ben has been lurking around on the juggling/cabaret scene for years now. Celebrating this year 30 years of making a living from being a juggler/entertainer. Organiser of the 1990 British Juggling Convention it became clear that being an 'organiser' was never going to be the way with a bag of props and an optimistic outlook Ben took to the streets . After 5 years as a street performer more and more bookings led to more 'secure' employment in Theme Parks , Holiday Camps & Street Festivals before teaming up with another clown ( literally !) to form a long running double act specialising in Family Shows Circus Berzercus ( which have been a mainstay of the National Rural Touring scheme ever since. Ben still works as a solo artist & very much looks forward to his return visit to Cabaret Boom Boom !!