Sat 14th Oct

Sat 14th Oct 2023
Ruskin Hall

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Tim Dalling

Tim Dalling is a unique performer, songwriter and accordionist. His work has ranged from musical and theatrical clowning to serious songwriting for theatre, performance and recording. His style ranges from traditional folk to jazz and music hall and has been described as a cross between Ivor Cutler and Randy Newman. His main job, for years, has been that of the kilted, accordionist fall-guy in The Old Rope and then The New Rope String Band, internationally-famous theatrical and visual comedy folk band.

"Tim Dalling's performance is breathtaking. Running the full gamut of human experience, exertion and emotion, he must surely be approaching the peak of his powers. You get a sense that he could do absolutely anything he wants.

"The only person you can go and see doing Tim Dalling is Tim Dalling, unique exhilarating brilliance."

Steve Faulkner

Steve is an expert in close-up magic and sleight-of-hand, creating his own versions of classic tricks as well as plenty you will never have seen before. He’ll confuse his audience with his rubber band handcuffs, and make guests think twice before eating a sandwich. His hands move so fast that no one will know which way is up, and they certainly won’t be ready for his jaw-dropping reveals.

The whole illusionist act is delivered with wit, charm and precision timing – a performance the audience will be talking about for a long time afterwards

Louise Fazackerley

Louise Fazackerley- working class word-witch. She’ll be performing from her new collection ‘The Pleasure Dome’ (Burning Eye) Recent reviews: ‘surreal council estate’ ‘Pam Eyres on mushrooms’ ‘MILF- mother I’d like to forget’

Mr Herbert

Juggler, balancer and purveyor of preposterous and unlikely skills, Mr Herbert (Zoot) has been performing nationally and internationally for over 20 years. His shows are funny, friendly and presented with wit, charm and a certain fumbling grace.


14 Oct 2023 Walkley


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