Sat 11th Oct Barnsley Civic

Sat 11th Oct 2014
John Hegley

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Martin Soan

Martin Soan is a true legend of alternative comedy.
His performance is fast paced and he uses everyday objects (as well as some  outrageous props) to illustrate his has a unique comedy twist on life. Martin is a founder member of “The Greatest Show on Legs” and the highly acclaimed comedy night ' Pull the other one'. We offer you a rare chance to catch him in the North of England.

Tina T'urner Tea Lady

Rollin’ her tea trolley from the cafeteria to the stage, this old lady of shame private dances for your pleasure (with her famous steam machine). She break-dances, she bakes a ‘Goldenpie’ and just when you think it can’t get any better: she serves it up with a hot pot of ‘Simply The Best’ tea in town!

“Just saw this gal perform, Tina T'urner Tea Lady. Think, Tina Turner glory days, plus the edge of 70 year cafeteria lady with a dirty mind who can also make a mean cup of tea”.

Steve Faulkner

Steve is an expert in close-up magic and sleight-of-hand, creating his own versions of classic tricks as well as plenty you will never have seen before. He’ll confuse his audience with his rubber band handcuffs, and make guests think twice before eating a sandwich. His hands move so fast that no one will know which way is up, and they certainly won’t be ready for his jaw-dropping reveals.

The whole illusionist act is delivered with wit, charm and precision timing – a performance the audience will be talking about for a long time afterwards