21 Sept Ruskin Hall

Sat 21st Sep 2013
Ruskin Hall

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Simon Munnery

The ONLY stand up you ll see at Boom Boom. Back by very popular demand, Munnery is a comic legend, his set is peppered it with some delightful one-liners and punky micro songs, and a home-made contraption . As ever, he can’t keep his absurd streak down even when he’s doing ‘straight’ stand-up. He’s constantly playing with language, taking words apart and building them back up again, lingering on the internal rhyme within ‘Bono’, and the contradictory nature of the sea plane.


Herbie Treehead

Herbie Treehead comes from Consett, County Durham. Although widely travelled, Herbie has spent a large part of his life in London as a very successful Covent Garden Street Performer.

Sometimes characterised as an unpredictable and eccentric comic force as in the BBC's Xperimental, it's worth knowing that as well as training as a teacher, Herbie has successfully created AND realised two full musicals, a highly popular Band, a five-star Theatre phenomenon - which has appeared at the National Theatre, a perennial Circus Show with full-sized dinosaurs, a celebrated Solo Act with many classic appearances in shows around the world, as well as any number of cultural and creative one-off events.

Herbie performed at Boom Boom several years back to hilarious peels of laughter, its taken a few years to find him available to come back…a real treat to see a top quality fool close up without bars.


Anna Abrams

What this lady does on a unicycle beggars belief, I seen many things in my time, but this rates as one of my absolute favourites, she now lives in Germany. so it give us great pleasure to bring her over for you to enjoy this most unique act…