20th Jan

Sat 20th Jan 2018
Ruskin Hall

Acts (click the act for more info)

Madame Galina

Madame Galina wows audiences wherever she goes with her extraordinary dancing and acid tongue. She has performed sell out shows at the Edinburgh Festival and nearly every major arts festival in Europe and has recently entertained the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan giving her the title ‘New Forces Sweetheart'.

"With aplomb in everything she does, the autocratic chubette serves up cunning double ententes and multiple pirouettes while chivvying the audience into hilarious onstage participation...More bolshy than Bolshoi!" The Herald


Felicity Footloose

Felicity Footloose lives in the 80’s and just wants to dance!!

Watch as she juggles, dances and performs daredevil acrobatics to try and impress her hero Johny!!

She’ll even go as far as to hang from her toes and juggle knives hanging upside down!!
she has been seen with big crowds at Covent Garden, great audiences at Glastonbury Festival and The Social Club, Shambala Festival “


Grand Old Ukes of Yorkshire

After battling it out in the final of the World Snakes and Ladders Championships™ in 2008, Chris and Duncan set aside their competitive differences to infuse the two greatestest of musical genres; Gangster-Euro-Pop-Metal and Grindcore-Electro-Folk, to form The Grand Old Ukes of Yorkshire.

By the mid 1980s they had paved a whole new music scene in their home town of Sheffield, United States of Yorkshire, leaving many a crowd in a state of delirium and often shock. Superlative comments were often overheard after gigs such as; "that was ok," and "that wasn't as bad as i expected."

The 2021 Eurovision song contest came and went, as did their endorsement deals with Um-Bongo, Goldman Sachs and Woolworths, so they decided the time was right to take their musical journey in a different direction…