14th Oct Walkley

Sat 14th Oct 2017
Ruskin Hall

Acts (click the act for more info)

Tim Dalling

Tim Dalling is a unique performer, songwriter and accordionist. His work has ranged from musical and theatrical clowning to serious songwriting for theatre, performance and recording. His style ranges from traditional folk to jazz and music hall and has been described as a cross between Ivor Cutler and Randy Newman. His main job, for years, has been that of the kilted, accordionist fall-guy in The Old Rope and then The New Rope String Band, internationally-famous theatrical and visual comedy folk band.

"Tim Dalling's performance is breathtaking. Running the full gamut of human experience, exertion and emotion, he must surely be approaching the peak of his powers. You get a sense that he could do absolutely anything he wants.

"The only person you can go and see doing Tim Dalling is Tim Dalling, unique exhilarating brilliance."


Dave Chameleon

This charismatic trickster combines the high skills of the circus with inspired comedy in his world-renowned Street Theatre show! His warm and playful demeanor win over the audience and guarantee a great time. Hovering three metres over the ground, his slack rope show is a feat of multi-tasking and dexterity as he balances, spins a ball and juggles three flashing blades!


Matt Black

Matt Black is a writer based in Sheffield and Leamington Spa. He writes poems (and occasionally fiction) for adults and children. He writes for publication on the page as well as for Spoken Word and performance.

“Matt Black is a poet who wears his heart on his sleeve and his skill in his pen; his poems in Swimmer show that poetry can be a healing art, a celebratory art and an art that can best illuminate the times we live in. More power to his shining work – this collection is splendid.” - Ian McMillan