Morgan and West

Morgan and West.. Time travelling Magicians

For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure of guarding their jaws against descent in the presence of these two, all you really ought to know by way of introduction is that in 2011 magical duo Morgan & West fooled leviathans of trickery Penn and Teller, on a television show entitled Fool Us hosted by Jonathan Ross. No small achievement for two twenty-something-year-old men who describe themselves as the “Victorian Ant and Dec” of magic. So for anyone not a member of the Magic Circle, a hugely silly question follows: on evening in Walkley’s perfectly period Ruskin Hall, can they fool you? You betcha, madam.

Two Victorian magicians have come forward 100 years in their time machine to perform their works of mystery and intrigue. Morgan and West present classic card tricks, a daring escape, mindreading, seeing with the hand and many more curiosities. Anyone drawn to the title, i.e. excited by both magicians and time travel, won’t be disappointed!