Men in Coats

This is visual comedy at its best. Men in Coats are the masters of nonverbal entertainment. Their show was a hit at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe, the Melbourne Comedy Festival and recently at the Comedy Arts Festival in Moers, Germany. They received the Hackney Empire New Act Award in London and were invited to the Royal Variety Show at the BBC.

Men In Coats have travelled and performed in some of the biggest and most prestigious venues across the world. In 2005 alone, the MIC travelled to Germany, France, Austria, Thailand, Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Sweden, Greece, Malta and Spain. As well as shows for British Royalty and celebrity worldwide.

Have a look at the video of Men in Coats! More than 30 million viewers have seen it already.

And this is what the press said:

“Hilariously simple… Men in Coats are the talk of the Fringe”

“They redefine your expectations of what can be accomplished on a stage… the closing applause was thunderous”