Herbie Treehead

Herbie Treehead comes from Consett, County Durham. Although widely travelled, Herbie has spent a large part of his life in London as a very successful Covent Garden Street Performer.

Sometimes characterised as an unpredictable and eccentric comic force as in the BBC’s Xperimental, it’s worth knowing that as well as training as a teacher, Herbie has successfully created AND realised two full musicals, a highly popular Band, a five-star Theatre phenomenon – which has appeared at the National Theatre, a perennial Circus Show with full-sized dinosaurs, a celebrated Solo Act with many classic appearances in shows around the world, as well as any number of cultural and creative one-off events.

Herbie performed at Boom Boom several years back to hilarious peels of laughter, its taken a few years to find him available to come backÔÇŽa real treat to see a top quality fool close up without bars.