Earl Okin

Earl Okin is a triple threat…international Jazz/Bossa Nova performer, legendary songwriter and, of-course headline musical comedian.

Unique and unmissable! He’s been dazzling audiences worldwide for years, so if you’ve never seen him live, here is your chance.

“You are quite a genius you are – you have managed to find a niche in Cabaret I have never seen nor heard before – you are simply brilliant. Hard to categorize – musician/comedian or what – I guess you are anything as long as they book you. One must see you in person to “get you” – even though your musicianship is fantastic!!! Your guitar and especially piano playing is thrilling in all the genres!” Buddy Bregman (Legendary producer/arranger of the Ella Fitzgerald ‘Songbook’ series, who has worked with just about everybody..from Sammy Davis Jr. to Bing Crosby, etc).

“Multi-talented musical supremo” Time Out