Ben Cornish

Ben has been lurking around on the juggling/cabaret scene for years now. Celebrating this year 30 years of making a living from being a juggler/entertainer. Organiser of the 1990 British Juggling Convention it became clear that being an ‘organiser’ was never going to be the way forwards…so with a bag of props and an optimistic outlook Ben took to the streets . After 5 years as a street performer more and more bookings led to more ‘secure’ employment in Theme Parks , Holiday Camps & Street Festivals before teaming up with another clown ( literally !) to form a long running double act specialising in Family Shows Circus Berzercus ( which have been a mainstay of the National Rural Touring scheme ever since. Ben still works as a solo artist & very much looks forward to his return visit to Cabaret Boom Boom !!