Sat 17th Sept Ruskin Hall

Sat 17th Sep 2016
Ruskin Hall
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Wes Zaharuk

Master of mayhem, prop lunatic Wes Zaharuk, takes the audience on a joy-ride of anarchic physical comedy routines and maniacal physical audience interaction. You could call him plain daft, others have compared him to Tommy Cooper on acid but his award-winning eccentric collection of eye-popping prop tricks have earned Wes Zaharuk a world-wide reputation for a tornado-like approach to comedy.

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Clinton Baptiste

Clinton Baptiste is a comedy character played by Alex Lowe. He is a clairvoyant, medium and psychic best known for his appearances on Peter Kay's award winning Phoenix Nights.

Hundreds of years ago, when man walked the planet, he had no means of communication. In time he developed a phenomenon which has never been fully understood by the psychic community. This phenomenon is Clinton Baptiste...

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Donald Grant

One of the pioneers of contemporary diabolo performance, Donald Grant has been  thrilling audiences all over the world for the last fifteen years.  From the Arctic Circle to Kenya, from Las Vegas to New Zealand, his dazzling speed and silky skills have both  enthralled and amazed.. Trained at the world-famous Ecole Nationale de Cirque in Montreal, his number has evolved over the years into a high tempo blend of  manic manipulation with a healthy dash of  Caledonian  charm and wit.

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Dolally are a comedy singing act - Caz Brader and Jenny Harris – who perform funny, original songs about silly nonsense which will have you in stitches. Set up to entertain audiences with their daft songs about things that make us all laugh - what happens to us when we get old, needing a poo when you are on the train, the endless list of things that worry us…….

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